Frequently asked questions

About the PePH Association

What is the PePH Association?

The PePH is a patient-oriented, non-profit association that aims to generate medical data on epidemiology, real-life treatment strategies and long-term practice in children with PH. The PePH is steered by an Executive Board consisting of expert physicians active in the field of pediatric PH. The PePH collaborates with sites from all over the world.

How are the PePH projects funded?

The PePH is a non-profit organization. PePH projects are run with the support of monetary contributions from financial sponsors, however, management and running of all projects is performed independently on the sole decision of the Executive Board.

Where are the PePH headquarters located?

The global mission of the PePH is also reflected in the native countries of its Executive Board: Canada, France, the Netherlands, USA and Switzerland. The PePH Association itself is registered in Basel, Switzerland.

Who sits on the Executive Board of the PePH?

The PePH Association is steered by five Board members who are all expert physicians in the field of pediatric PH. For further information on the Board members, please follow this link.

Who can I contact if I would like to receive more information, or have a question, regarding the PePH Association?

For enquiries of any kind, please feel free to send us an email: